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Responsive Network Services LLC offers a very convenient, efficient way to request solutions from your Responsive consultant.

Responsive Network Services Offers Online Work Request System

New web-based system benefits users, clients and consultants

by Keith R. Wheeler


Clients of Responsive Network Services have a new way to get help from their small business computer consultant. By posting a work request in the Client Work Request System available from the Responsive website, a user can log a computer-related issue they are having with their computer system right from their desk, laptop or home.

The system has been a substantive undertaking for Responsive. While the Work Request Form is presented as a standard, password-protected web form, the contents of the form are delivered to the “Approving Party” for the client’s office, the primary consultant assigned by Responsive, and to the Client Relationship Management system for Responsive. Through a series of approval and confirmation steps in the CRM system, the work request form becomes a task in the consultant’s online To-Do list.

The purpose of the system is multi-faceted. One, it gives our clients’ users another means to communicate with our consultants. Secondly, the approval process keeps the client in the loop as to what their users are requesting. This allows the client to manage the amount of Responsive time requested. Thirdly, the Approving Party has the ability to follow up with requests by virtue of the Client Work Request Report. Finally, it gives our consultants an additional way to provide Responsive service to our clients. If you would like to have the online Client Work Request System configured for your firm, please contact Keith Wheeler using this form.

If you need some help, just let us know using this form and we'll see what we can do to make your day a little more productive.

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